Danger Trees, and the Importance of Tree Removal

August 15, 2017 8:33 pm


We’ve all seen it in the news, heard it from someone who saw it happen or even experienced it first hand. A rotting or heavily leaning tree hits a power line and deprives a neighbourhood of its electricity. Or a car or home is severely damaged when a tree is uprooted due to heavy winds.

Danger Tree Removal In Langley, B.C.

Trees and other parts of forestry that go unattended can quickly become sources of great cost and distress, financial or otherwise.

A Dangerous Tree, according to the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, is “any tree (regardless of size) that is hazardous to people or facilities because of:

  • Location or Lean
  • Physical damage
  • Overhead hazards
  • Deterioration of limbs, stem or root system
  • a combination of the above.”

With official criteria as extensive as that, it is your safest bet to call The Arbor Barber for a professional quote on whether the trees in your vicinity may be due for a pruning or removal. Something as simple as a phone call or an email can be the difference between simply cleaning up fallen leaves or starting everything over from a clean slate.

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