Trimming & Removals Near Power Lines

It’s not an uncommon sight; you look around your property after a storm or the power went out and that old tree on your property is leaning on a power line, or your hedge has finally grown to encase the nearby power line’s. Handling these situations requires experience and equipment to safely and efficiently deal with and is something we have specialized in rectifying in our 13 years of serving the Lower Mainland.

It’s always best to maintain your property’s landscape to prevent such dangerous and inconvenient situations from arising but once either the line’s are encased, surrounded or leaned against it’s time to call a PROFESSIONAL. We have dealt with a lot of these situations over the years and we cannot stress how dangerous it is for the untrained to deal with, we highly suggest property owners to maintain their landscapes as neglect is the number one cause of this problem.

We conduct professional routine Property Inspections on-site when we perform any of our Services to avoid these situations from occuring.

Depending on the situation and what can be done as per your cities bylaws you can trust The Arbor Barber, your local, family owned & operated tree care service, to rectify and prevent any of these Dangerous Situations. Give me a call, your trees will fall for me. Call us anytime for a FREE estimate.