Tree Removal & Danger Tree Removal

With the ever increasing value of property, trees are one of two Danger Tree Removal In Langley, B.C.things; an asset or a liability. Trees are not necessarily safe just because they have been on your property for years, when we professionally analyze a tree we look at the overall root health and soil that supports the tree, which are constantly changing factors that leads to trees becoming a liability to your property and family.

Safety is not a matter of if the tree has fallen, it’s if it’s going to fall! With years of experience here at The Arbor Barber we know how to efficiently assess Another Successful Day Protecting YOUR Property!what is and isn’t a liability on your property and the risks involved via a Property Inspection with our fully qualified and insured staff, safely and efficiently remove and manage the offending tree before any complications or damage can be done to your property and properly conduct the Tree Removal.

There are news reports and articles made every year reporting on preventable property damage and loss of life in the Lower Mainland. Forested Cities like Brookswood, Langley, B.C and Abbotsford, B.C and the Greater Vancouver Regional District are at risk especially. In recent years, the Pine Beetle Outbreak has been less of a problem but the damage will be visible for years to come, and since this any Pine trees should especially be Maintained.

We’ve been doing this for quite awhile, and we have years of experience dealing with Dangerous Trees on Power Lines, don’t risk bringing harm to yourself or your property and call a PROFESSIONAL! We have the best quality equipment in the Country and the skills to efficiently rectify a dangerous situation, we’ve dealt and specialized with sensitive Danger Tree Removal for years.

Even if you don’t perceive a tree to be dangerous, it’s always worth a proper inspection and if you just want Tree Removal service for aesthetic reasons, it is never a good idea to do it yourself and to leave it to the Professionals!

The Arbor Barber has been your local, family owned & operated tree care service for over 13 years. Give me a call, your trees will fall for me. Call us anytime for a FREE estimate.