Tree & Shrub Pruning

There isn’t anything wrong with showing off your property! The most valuable landscapes and trees require constant care and maintenance to uphold their beauty and thus the value of your property. We can give your trees and shrubs vitality and beauty with our maintenance services, maintenance however is not just a matter of aesthetic appeal: It’s a matter of safety!

Under-maintained trees and shrubs can be infested with pests and riddled with disease, putting them into a constant state of decline to one day become a larger problem. Landscape and Soil issues also result in future issues, we conduct professional Property Inspections routinely with all of our services and we can notify you of issues, before they become bigger ones!

The major things we prospect on your landscape when we assess it for Pruning are:

The Arbor Barber has been your local, family owned & operated tree care service for over 12 years and in that time we have gained an eye for pruning and maintaining property’s landscapes to the ever raising bar of top quality landscapes with a large variety of clients in the Tricities, GRVD and Greater Fraser Valley.

We use the most professional equipment to beautiful effect, and pride ourselves in knowing we maintain our client’s investments continued vigor and to help maintain and improve the value of commercial and residential property’s. Maintaining their beauty and value with our top quality tree services across the Lower Mainland!

A beautiful landscape, a safe environment and breathtaking greenery. It’s what we have been providing the Lower Mainland across British Columbia, Canada, for the last 13 years! Call us anytime for a FREE estimate.