When we work on any job site we aren’t just going to fix your immediate issues but also notify you of any secondary issues with the Landscape and other Greenery you have on your Property that we notice in our initial assessment.

There is a lot more to most Arborist Work than just Pruning or Removing / Chopping Down Trees like many assume, some issues aren’t visible and require the use of specialized tools to assess and evaluate Root & Bark Health for instance.

Also, your Soil composition and terrain of the landscape greatly affects your Greenery. All of these issues can be investigated with a Fully Certified Arborist like us here at The Arbor Barber as we have the Eyes, Training and Experience to notice, correct and fix any and many issues you could have with Greenery and Trees.

Young tree’s develop into old trees, Landscape, the Soil and a certain species of tree: You might just have a tree that in a few years grows on an angle, making weak, soon to fall growth that can damage your home for instance. Having an inspection can tell you and help you deal with problems BEFORE THEY BECOME PROBLEMS.


It also can save you money in the long run, trying to brace, support and fix a tree growing structurally wrong usually

is more time-consuming and costly than a Routine Property Inspection and fixing a Problem Tree Early!

Here at the Arbor Barber we do more than just dealing with immediate issues, we can help you prevent them!

Contact Us anytime to Schedule a proper, professional Property Inspection and identify what can be done to improve your property and prevent future damages and costs.