Power Lines are Dangerous! (Always Work With Professionals)

June 21, 2018 10:14 pm

Electricity & Telephone Lines are Dangerous!


Here at The Arbor Barber we provide only the best Professional Arborist Services. Something a lot of people don’t realize is that it’s extremely important when having Arborist Services such as Tree & Greenery Trimming, Cutting or Removal near Power Lines that the individuals who do it are Certified & Insured to be working around Power Lines!

Electricity can “arc” or jump from Power lines across a gap, to tools or ladders that are being used and doing work near Power Lines requires special safety precautions, fine motor skills and professional training on how to work safely around Electric Lines.

But more importantly, if the individuals get hurt or fumble due to an Electrical Arc, there can be heavy costs if they aren’t insured and or certified. Needless to say there could be potential damage to your property.

But it’s more than just specialized training & experience. It’s having the right specialized equipment when working around them, arc-resistant safety equipment is a must; and having a mobile platform boom for precision when working around any form of line is also incredibly important to do a proper, safe job around them on a property.


Here in the Lower Mainland, it’s not uncommon to have low-hanging Electrical / Telephone Lines on your property. We urge you to not try to work around them yourself on a standard ladder, it’s incredibly dangerous especially in rain season. Electricity can arc many, many feet away. And if a tree ever falls onto a Power Line it can become an Emergency Situation! Always call a Professional Arborist!

Here at The Arbor Barber we have all the specialized equipment to work safely and are fully Insured & Work Safe BC Certified to conduct Tree & Greenery Trimming, Cutting or Removals near Power Lines with our highly experienced team of staff with years of experience doing even the toughest of jobs. So give us a Call Today!