The Arbor Barber – Tree Service North Vancouver

We’ve been proudly serving the North Shore area and the city of North Vancouver, B.C for the last 13 years with our fully qualified and insured staff. Offering and specializing in Tree Removal and Shrub Removal, Landscape Maintenance & Assessment services equipped with some of the highest quality equipment in the Country.

Our Stump Grinder’s can Grind Stumps that some of our competitors have to contract out from us on the heavy jobs and sites that they couldn’t otherwise do with standard equipment! Don’t strain yourself and make do with consumer equipment or put your safety at major risk in the case of Dangerous Trees or Overgrowth Blocking Power Line’s. Call a PROFESSIONAL!

We offer the best services at the most reasonable cost and we assess every property’s landscape individually to create a specialized solution for Tree Removal and Shrub Removal to Grinding the Stumps thereafter with optional hands-off site clean up. Such as routine Maintenance to specialized trimming and services for the continued health of the soil foundation of your Greenery.

Greenery does a lot for a property, it’s an investment that adds shade, symmetry and depth to a property that increases neighborhood land value and adds beautiful contrast to your property, so don’t neglect them! Or the once Beautiful Trees you invested in are likely to become a larger problem, being infested with pests or becoming susceptible to disease.
The Arbor Barber has been your local, family owned & operated tree care service for over 13 years.

We’ve been doing this for awhile, so Give me a call, your trees will fall for me. Call us anytime for a FREE estimate.