We Get Creative With Em’ (Trunk To Flowerbed!)

April 4, 2018 12:26 am

We’ve been felling trees and helping the GVRD Area with our Professional, Insured and Quality Tree Services for many, many years. But we don’t just remove Danger Trees or Prune Greenery.

We like to Get Creative With Em’ and can do all sorts of things. We have the best equipment for Stump Removal & Grinding, usually contracting our equipment out to other Arborists. We love getting rid of stumps and providing a full-clean up service for our clients: But it doesn’t end there.

We can do all sorts of Artistic and Stylish things with Greenery!

For instance, today’s blog post is about what we did for a recent client; turning an issue tree into a Beautiful, Organic Stump Flowerbed.  This is also a good way of showing you guys how our Lifts Operate.

The Lift and a Large Problem Tree


But, we can do all sorts of things. It’s nice to do something a bit different from our usual and we can do custom shape pruning. But the options of custom, innovative things with Stumps, Trunks and anything that has Roots and Grows for us here at The Arbor Barber is Truly Endless.

Getting Jiggy With The Trunk & Stump


There’s many benefits outside being an already natural part of the landscape making it stylish: Overtime it will provide Nutrients and because of the nature of Wood, it naturally drains and provides proper natural humidity as well as water retention for the soil that plants grow within.

It’s also Very Durable and Low Maintenance, nobody can knock this Flowerbed over and the the decorative options are limitless!

It’s just a matter of asking!

The Finished Flowerbed


So give us a Call, your Trees (And Problems) will Fall!

Anything and EVERYTHING can be done with The Arbor Barber, nothing is too much and nothing is too little! Give us a Call Today for a FREE ESTIMATE!