Professional Maintenance is Always Worth It

January 9, 2018 11:02 pm

Professional Maintenance is Always Worth It

There are Many reasons to maintain your property professionally with us here at The Arbor Barber. We fully inspect your property for issues and can offer you the advice you need to keep Beautiful, but more importantly Safe Greenery all year round!

With our Professional Pruning services, our personal inspection of your property and the ability to deal with issues on-site, including the clean up, makes it easy to reschedule when you need maintenance next.

“Topping” Isn’t Ideal

Many times when there’s an issue with a Tree’s size or it’s height you are advised to “Top” your tree, but “Topping” is just a bandaid unless it’s absolutely required to be done to getting a professional pruning job.

You might have the best intentions, but this isn’t ideal for a few reasons:

  1. You Might Be Starving Your Tree
    Tree’s need strong “Crowns” when you “Top” a tree, you destroy the tree’s Crown, which is the place where most of the Tree’s Energy or “Food” comes from.
    This can lead to limpness, weakness and even death, especially for older tree’s.
    A Professional Pruning job will typically remove as little crown as possible in a much more uniform pattern in comparison to a simple “Topping” and the cost of having to pay for the removal of a potentially to be dead tree after getting a Top job that wasn’t required makes Professional Pruning Services a better solution.
  2. It Doesn’t Fix The Problem For Long
    When you cut the Crown of a Tree, it grows back faster than a Professional Pruning job and usually thicker than before, meaning more topping and an overall less appealing tree after each topping.
  3. Starvation Isn’t The Worst
    When you cut into the crown deeply, you make entry points for Insects and Diseases. You also expose the tree to more sunlight that without a healthy crown may Sunburn the tree, leading to cracks, discoloration and even limb death.
  4. The Stump It Leaves Doesn’t Get Handled Correctly
    Say the Topping has or does kill your tree, at The Arbor Barber we Specialize in Stump Removal and have the biggest equipment in the Valley that we usually contract out to other companies. that don’t have the cutting edge.
  5. Topping and Arborist Work Is Dangerous
    Don’t go and “Top” your own tree! It’s Dangerous and only Professionals should be attempting the removal of trees or tree limbs and as you see, Topping isn’t a replacement for proper Property Landscape Appraisal by a Professional Arborist and a Professional Pruning in the long run!

“Topping” is a pretty rampant problem as it leads to all sorts of issues and inevitable cycles of having to re-do it that get costlier and costlier as the tree gets more scarred and thicker in the crown you didn’t need to top to begin with, but a proper shape and prune.

Here at The Arbor Barber we specialize in Tree & Shrub Pruning and Landscape Maintenance of all forms with a fully qualified team with the experience to spot problems on your property instantly.

A beautiful landscape, a safe environment and breathtaking greenery. It’s what we have been providing the Lower Mainland across British Columbia, Canada, for the last 13 years! Call us anytime for a FREE estimate.