Value Of Certified Arborists & Proper Property Inspections

March 1, 2018 11:59 pm

Some people know a guy, who knows a guy who knows another guy who can come and chop your tree for you. Now the best case scenario is, he comes, Tops Your Tree and the person doing so isn’t injured and then your tree grows back even stronger and more gnarly.

The worst case… And this is why you want to hire only a CERTIFIED Arborist; the non-certified person is injured and questions of liability come up. Maybe the person improperly cuts down the tree and it falls and causes damage. A lack of insurance can also complicate things in these situations.

There can be heavy fines if one doesn’t know their local laws about Cutting Trees and HOW YOU DO SO! Also, improper jobs amongst the un-certified are common place. Most of our work is fixing a problem somebody else worsened via Topping or another improper technique for a given situation.

The Value Of a Certified & Properly Insured Arborist like us and our team here at The Arbor Barber is invaluable. We have the BEST Equipment in the Lower Mainland, the proper Training, Certification and Insurance to Conduct Specialized Tree Services, but a big thing we also do is OBSERVE your property!

Before we do any work, a properly experienced Arborist Team will first do a Property Inspection of the Landscape and a general Assessment of your Greenery, Foliage and Trees.

During a Property Inspection:

We look for:

  • Signs of Soil Contamination and Unstructural Terrain.
  • Signs of Parasite & Insect Infestation or Damage.
  • The Growth of Foliage, Greenery and Young Trees and with knowledge of the species can assess if they will be problematic, or overgrow and the chances of them doing damage in the future.  Warping, Gnarling, Improper Root Growth, Decay. Etc.
  • The Bark and Root Health, we have specialized tools and techniques we use to further investigate Greenery, Their Foliage and the Trunks of Trees. 

You see, Young Tree’ and Greenery form more Growth around them and also, obviously Age and Grow themselves. A Trained Arborist can Identify Issues well before they BECOME ISSUES! 

We can identify any and all issues, prevent future liability and notify you of what can be done to prevent any damages, inconveniences, fines and do any needed work SAFELY with our CERTIFIED TEAM, INSURED PROPERLY!

A Real Certified Arborist, and a Single Tree Service can be Invaluable as most of the time, simply knowing there’s a cheap, efficient solution through us to prevent a terrible future headache that might cost you much more!

From Property Inspections (Routinely done at Sites during Estimates and Assessments.), Tree and Dangerous Greenery Removal, The biggest, most diverse range of Stump Grinding Equipment and Services, Full-Clean Ups and a range of Greenery Pruning, Tree Pruning, Cutting Trees  and Greenery From and Down Around Power Lines.

We offer a long list of Tree Services all across the Lower Mainland and Langley, BC, Canada here at The Arbor Barber — ‘Give me a call, your Trees will Fall for me!’