Don’t Wait, Renovate Your Landscape!

February 1, 2018 10:41 pm

Dead or dying tree’s are dangerous, Topping your tree’s isn’t the answer and Professional Maintenance is ALWAYS Worth It. So why do most people wait until it’s a dire situation, somebody gets hurt or there’s a hole in their home’s roof?

Well, it’s pretty obvious, cost, time, maybe it’s even unknown to them. Ironically it’s usually cheaper to start Landscape Maintenance as soon as possible, it costs less in the long run, and you can know you have a healthy, beautiful property with lush foliage. It’s dangerous work felling and pruning greenery professionally, and we always suggest calling us, we offer 24 Hour Emergency Service to all of the Lower Mainland if you are in any immediate worry or danger.

Things to look out for and when it’s time to call a professional:

  • Leaves are an unusual color or texture
  • Branches are drooping, dead or cracked
  • The Bark and Trunk are warped or warping
  • You see Holes, Leaning in Branches or Trunks, Mushrooms at the base of Trunks
  • If your property recently been altered by construction, rise in soil level, or lawn installation and you haven’t had it evaluated

The cost is always less in the long run the sooner you call to have your property properly maintained, if you wait you are looking at the following problems:

    • Rising costs as you need to remove more dangerous, diseased or unsightly Greenery
    • The longer that you ignore proper evaluation the higher the costs in evaluation as it grows wild and uneven, requiring more proper pruning and treatment to the landscape
    • Increase to danger of terrain damage, property damage and perhaps even personal damage if you try to fix it yourself, which is not recommended as only a professionally trained and licensed arborist should be doing this kind of work!
    • If you get a lesser or unlicensed, non trained individual to try and fix your property, your probably looking at more cost to fix their mistakes and a bunch of unsightly Topped Trees on your property
    • You could get fined for unsightly landscape that you’ve let overgrow or neglected for too long
    • The longer you wait, the less the chances are we can save more of your foliage and in turn — you will have a less beautiful landscape when we do finally work on your property

You should ALWAYS call a professional when it comes to Arborist Work, Tree Removal, Greenery Pruning and Stump Removal Services. Here at The Arbor Barber, we Barb and Fell your Tree’s with the best equipment and the most experience in all of the Lower Mainland and GVRD Area!

Contact Us for a Free Quote or if you are in a dire situation or believe one could happen call us for our 24 Hour Emergency Service!